Video Stars

NEW :  Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby)!

This all started with my entry for a book called Milhouse from Memory, by Kieran Gabriel. It did not make the cut. But I was proud of it entry anyway, I gave it an honourary spot on my fridge, so I could see it every day. The challenge was to draw the infamous Milhouse van Houten from The Simpsons, without any reference – material, using your own style. I wanted to add his signature – saying “Everything is coming up Milhouse!”  so I spell-checked “Milhouse” 3 times. All the other words I knew how to spell, but checked those as well. Over a year later I reposted it as a memory on Facebook and someone kindly pointed out I forgot the “y” in “Everything”. Ugh… but this gave me the chance to make a new, correct, and even better one. I was really adopting a Milhouse – attitude here. I loved doing these, so from now on no TV character is safe.

“Fun hurts my lungs” (exclamation) Asthmatic Rudolph Stieblitz (Regular Sized Rudy) from Bob’s Burgers voicing the concern that there can be something a having too much fun.

“That’s LEGEN wait for it… DAIRY LEGEN – DAIRY!” [exclamation – pun intended] My Facebook wall can be a bit monotonous sometimes. Same goes for TV, How I Met Your Mother is on 3 Dutch channels. So after seeing the same story about some woman squirting her breast milk on Facebook, from 5 different sources, I just had to do a Barney Stinson.

“Everything is coming up Milhouse” [expression]: making the most out of every situation, celebrating small victories. Milhouse van Houten from The Simpsons can see a flood, look at his shorts and think that at least now those come in handy, as his pants are still dry.

“ZIP ZOP zubitty bop ZIP ZAP ZOOM!” [expression]: expression used to indicate speed and a rapid succession of events. Losing a hero in life is often harder than when they just die on you. As a kid watching the Huxtables in The Cosby Show, they showed me what a loving family could and should be like. Dr. Cliff was stern yet sweet to his children and not only did he love his wife Clair, he also sometimes feared her as he took her to be the worthy opponent she was. Let’s just say that Bill Cosby was one great actor.


T2: #4


My favourite character in Trainspotting has to be Spud (Ewen Bremner), his best moment being during his iconic Job Interview scene, in the first Trainspotting film. In honour of T – those 20 years sure have flown by – 2, I drew this him as a young impressionable lad.

Rhea the naked birdie


This sweet little thing is Rhea the Naked Birdie. She popped up on my Facebook timeline at least five times today, as everyone seems to love her featherless fierceness. I had to draw a piece of genuine analog snail mail for InCoWriMo: International Correspondence Writing Month, which apparently is each February. I’m going to send this to someone I don’t know personally, only through the Sktchy app for artists, and I wanted to draw something we had in common. Turns out we both liked the viral video of little Rhea.

Catty Quotes: Valentine


I’m a bit late to the party, especially if you want this lovely print to hit your doormat before or on February 14th. But hey, Valentine’s Day every day, I say! I made a Valentine out of an angry kitteh I drew earlier. It says: “Happy VD – That’s either Valentine’s Day or Venereal Disease. Same Difference.” Go Full Romantic with this catty quote for your lover. Shame I have no unsuspecting someone who I can scare the crap out of with this. 😜 Find it here: Happy VD print.