Video Stars

NEW :  Yetta Rosenberg!

This all started with my entry for a book called Milhouse from Memory, by Kieran Gabriel. It did not make the cut. But I was proud of it entry anyway, I gave it an honourary spot on my fridge, so I could see it every day. The challenge was to draw the infamous Milhouse van Houten from The Simpsons, without any reference – material, using your own style. I wanted to add his signature – saying “Everything is coming up Milhouse!”  so I spell-checked “Milhouse” 3 times. All the other words I knew how to spell, but checked those as well. Over a year later I reposted it as a memory on Facebook and someone kindly pointed out I forgot the “y” in “Everything”. Ugh… but this gave me the chance to make a new, correct, and even better one. I was really adopting a Milhouse – attitude here. I loved doing these, so from now on no TV character is safe.


Collect ’em all

Feline Timeline collect 'em all.jpgI have not forgotten about all of you who have submitted their kitty to me! It’s an in between projects – project, so I’m adding feline friends as I go along. In the end I want to tie them up in a nice joint thingamajig, to be decided.