Lacoste ad

A4 Magazine Mockup Spread 3

These are some of the collage spreads I’ve made about confrontation, in its many forms. The Anders Breivik Lacoste ad was not intended to be cruel, only referring to current strange events. The Lacoste logo has been replaced by a paragraph of Anders Breivik’s manifesto regarding the instructions to what one should wear if one intends to commit terrorist acts. Breivik considered Lacoste to be best suited to ensure trust from strangers, as it gives you a distinguished look. The collage is mainly about Lacoste’s response to the brutal killings and them trying to sever its ties with probably its most loyal consumer. Thinking about their own reputation first and foremost, they demanded that Breivik would separate himself from their brand. Although unfortunate for Lacoste, I thought it to be most typical and also most inappropriate on their part to focus the attention on a possible decrease in sales, or to focus attention on themselves at all.

A4 Magazine Mockup Spread 1

The other collage spreads are less confrontational. Also fashion – related is the collage with Zombieboy (Rick Genest). I always admired the style of his tattooed bodysuit, ever since I’ve seen him on BME (Body Modification Ezine) ages ago. Here in The Netherlands only other people who were familiar with BME or had an interest in such things knew who he was. Then he starred in that famous Lady Gaga video. He was born this way, standing out was part of his identity. Which is cool, if you’re in a Lady Gaga video, when you’re not, you just look funny.

A4 Magazine Mockup Spread 2

The last spread is about the amount of waste one family produces in a year. The little ‘trashy’ dolly and doggy I made out of actual trash.


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