Falafel sandwich – instruction manual

Poster Maoz Falafel

Falafel instructional poster (in Dutch). The design of this poster resembles the often strange and somewhat hideous colour-schemes and weird design choices most falafel restaurants seem to make. That, and the impossibility of eating a falafel sandwich without getting it all over your face. I entered this into a competition, hoping to win a masterclass with Barbara Stok, a well known Dutch comic artist. It was a bit short notice for me, so I had to work pretty fast. It is all about my experience with the veggie fastfood falafel. When I first moved to Groningen over a decade ago, I became acquainted with this kind of food and I have tried to master the eating – process of it ever since. Recently, after years of trying to eat it without looking like a neanderthal, I gave up. The bottom of the poster shows me, with a satisfied expression, munching away with sauce all over my face. A happy ending.


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