Graduation 2015

For my graduation I designed a series of fabric – prints to be used in and around the kitchen and dining room. It portrays how the current trends tell us how to live and eat: with caution and authenticity, and a retro – feel to it.

The series was named after a weed with blue flowers which can be found in the prints (or in a field, you know, outside…), the Gewone Ereprijs (Veronica chamaedrys, or Germander Speedwell in English). The Dutch name for this little weed turned out to be very fitting for what I wanted this project to be. Gewone Ereprijs translates roughly to Ordinary Honourary Prize, a prize well – deserved for all those people who grow and conserve their own veggies like it’s 1899.

Books graduation

My (visual) essay on some of my greatest inspirational sources for pattern-design like Stromae, Vlisco, Matthias Hoegg and Studio Job, which can all be seen in the mosaic cover-design. It also features samples of the fabrics I designed for my graduation.


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