Video Stars

NEW :  Yetta Rosenberg!


This all started with my entry for a book called Milhouse from Memory, by Kieran Gabriel. It did not make the cut. But I was proud of it entry anyway, I gave it an honourary spot on my fridge, so I could see it every day. The challenge was to draw the infamous Milhouse van Houten from The Simpsons, without any reference – material, using your own style. I wanted to add his signature – saying “Everything is coming up Milhouse!”  so I spell-checked “Milhouse” 3 times. All the other words I knew how to spell, but checked those as well. Over a year later I reposted it as a memory on Facebook and someone kindly pointed out I forgot the “y” in “Everything”. Ugh… but this gave me the chance to make a new, correct, and even better one. I was really adopting a Milhouse – attitude here. I loved doing these, so from now on no TV character is safe.



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