About Zeona

I was born and bred in a small town in Noord – Brabant, The Netherlands, but I now live way up north in the city of Groningen. There I studied Design & Communication (specialising in illustration and pattern design) at Art Academy Minerva. I work in several fields of creative design: illustration, animation, pattern design and graphic design. I like being versatile and diverse in my work. I tend to use a special blend of digital design which I make in Illustrator & hand-drawn illustrations, which gives it a whimsical edge. This crossing of borders keeps me on my toes and makes my designs better, as you can take inspiration and the lessons you learn in one medium with you and apply them in other areas. I love to make designs that are bright and colourful and that put a smile on people’s faces, whether it’s by being in – your – face funny or just through a very subtle reference. I’m also a big fan of using (pop) cultural references in my free work, using classic elements and icons in a different context, so it changes their meaning. But I can also make serious, fresh, clean and simple designs. You can also find more of my illustrative & comic – work on Instagram.

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