HEATWAVEMade the illustration for a poster that never got used, decided to turn it into something appropriate for these last couple of days. #heatwave #iammelting


T2: #4


My favourite character in Trainspotting has to be Spud (Ewen Bremner), his best moment being during his iconic Job Interview scene, in the first Trainspotting film. In honour of T – those 20 years sure have flown by – 2, I drew this him as a young impressionable lad.

Rhea the naked birdie


This sweet little thing is Rhea the Naked Birdie. She popped up on my Facebook timeline at least five times today, as everyone seems to love her featherless fierceness. I had to draw a piece of genuine analog snail mail for InCoWriMo: International Correspondence Writing Month, which apparently is each February. I’m going to send this to someone I don’t know personally, only through the Sktchy app for artists, and I wanted to draw something we had in common. Turns out we both liked the viral video of little Rhea.

Catty Quotes: Valentine


I’m a bit late to the party, especially if you want this lovely print to hit your doormat before or on February 14th. But hey, Valentine’s Day every day, I say! I made a Valentine out of an angry kitteh I drew earlier. It says: “Happy VD – That’s either Valentine’s Day or Venereal Disease. Same Difference.” Go Full Romantic with this catty quote for your lover. Shame I have no unsuspecting someone who I can scare the crap out of with this. 😜 Find it here: Happy VD print.

Like a record, baby


For this Weekend Art eXtravaganza on Sktchy, the theme is “vintage”. Vintage used to take me back to the 60s or 70s, but these days the 80s are vintage too. Damn, I’m getting old! So what to do, if you have to combine vintage + a picture of a fellow artist who is also on Sktchy? Luckily there is one member who is just as crazy about a certain 80s musician as I am, só crazy she dressed up as him once for a theme party! She dressed up as Pete Burns, charismatic frontman for Dead or Alive, who sadly died last year. It was quite impressing. I’m a HUGE Pete Burns fan and I totally fell for her personification of him. I tried to capture both their spirits in the portrait. The single is actually in my own personal record collection, I had to do a whole lot of tweaking to fit her in, but I’m quite happy with the result.