Like a record, baby


For this Weekend Art eXtravaganza on Sktchy, the theme is “vintage”. Vintage used to take me back to the 60s or 70s, but these days the 80s are vintage too. Damn, I’m getting old! So what to do, if you have to combine vintage + a picture of a fellow artist who is also on Sktchy? Luckily there is one member who is just as crazy about a certain 80s musician as I am, só crazy she dressed up as him once for a theme party! She dressed up as Pete Burns, charismatic frontman for Dead or Alive, who sadly died last year. It was quite impressing. I’m a HUGE Pete Burns fan and I totally fell for her personification of him. I tried to capture both their spirits in the portrait. The single is actually in my own personal record collection, I had to do a whole lot of tweaking to fit her in, but I’m quite happy with the result.

The Dating Game

Oh weh erg.jpg

I wanted to do something funny with a self portrait I made. So I threw myself into the Dating Game, you can also see two profile cards I posted earlier. The text is in Dutch. The headline sort of translates to “That’s so bad!” (in my own regional accent). The card on the top reads “That burning sensation you’re feeling, is not desire, it is herpes. Skip three turns.”, the card below on the left reads “It was a long, wild night. Now it’s time for the walk of shame. Go back two spaces.” and the one in the right corner reads “He’s in a very bad divorce and has three kids. Stay, or pick another profile card.”


 photo Kinder-Activiteiten_zpsrghktxrq.gif

Poortershoes is a vibrant community centre in the Oosterpoort area in Groningen, The Netherlands. It offers all kinds of activities, like language -, yoga – and art – courses. There are even special courses and activities for children (see the animated banner on the left). It also houses a cosy restaurant where a rich 3 – course meal is served for a very friendly price. It has several large halls which can be booked for events and conferences.

I’m currently working on their Facebook page (nót their website, which is done by someone else), to give it a better, more coherent look. I started out by making a banner with a detailed vector illustration of the Poorterhoes  (which is housed in an old school building), standing in the middle of a vibrant community. I did not want to stray too much from the original design that has been used by the Poortershoes, which their regular designer made for their website. So I kept the focus on the building and the set of signature colours that are used (burgundy and eggshell). The building is not only a great landmark, but also a great starting point for their visual identity. Also the meals are no longer typed as a regular message on Facebook, but are presented as a festive menu, in the same style.





Typical Dating Profiles

Online dating can be quite the challenge. Swiping hasn’t made it easier, as first you’ll have to weed your way through tons of people, before finding something that is even remotely what you’re looking for. The joyful moments for me were the tons of profiles, that all dip into the same bowl of clichés, in order to stand out. These are the first two of what is going to be a larger series.

Wonder Woman


In order to fill Facebook with comic book heroes for Childhood Cancer Awareness, I got assigned a character. Vin Ganapathy said I was Wonder Woman, so I got kind of confused about if I should draw just Wonder Woman, or me as Wonder Woman. I love the idea of using superheroes for childhood cancer awareness, it feels fitting.



facebook-banner-poortershoesI designed this Facebook banner for a community centre in the Oosterpoort, Groningen (The Netherlands). The Poortershoes offers several activities like language -, yoga – and drawing – courses, but also houses a restaurant where you can eat a lovely meal for an equally lovely price.