Mijn Makelaar Heerenveen

Portfolio Mijn Makelaar_03PROJECT TITLE   Mijn Makelaar Heerenveen

MEDIUM   local newspaper ad & Facebook

DISCIPLINES   illustration / graphic design

WEBSITE  Heerenveense Courant & Mijn Makelaar Heerenveen Facebook

For Pentapark and Mijn Makelaar Heerenveen I designed and illustrated an ad in which their unique approach to real estate is illustrated. Mijn Makelaar Heerenveen is an estate agency located in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. It excels at what brokers call a “Whisper Listing”. Its strength lies in that they are able to find the perfect buyer for your house, without all the hassle. The perfect match is made with a minimum amount of trouble, so both buyer and seller can have the smoothest transition in becoming happy new home owners. The ad appeared in local newspaper the Heerenveense Courant and on Facebook.

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