Monkey loves banana

Portfolio Monkey Loves BananaPROJECT TITLE   Monkey Loves Banana

MEDIUM   clothing textiles & chocolate bars

DISCIPLINES   graphic design / illustration / pattern design

As an added project to my internship at Bas Kosters Studio, I decided to try my hand at designing my own fabric prints, inspired by the many yards of colourful designer fabrics I’ve handled during my time at the studio. I’ve encorporated my love for both colour and order in these prints. I’m also a big fan of using pop cultural references in my work: using classic well known elements and icons in a different context, in order to change their meaning and significance. I’ve placed these elements like the houndstooth / pied-de-poule / baroque motif in a contemporary and somewhat humorous setting, which gives them a whimsical edge. Aimed at contemporary grown-ups, who are not willing to settle for monotone uni-coloured fashion. King of the Jungle is a lovely pied – de – poule based print for the contemporary macho in vibrant shades of green with lots of cheeky monkeys hidden in the foliage, who all want to be boss. Bananart Nouveau is the result of drawing all kinds of monkeys, after that I went bananas and made this modern vector twist on the classical baroque print, which looks best on a sweater. Modern Monkey Family portrays the modern upperclass family in brown, red, black and white, and has a chic motif.