Portfolio SktchyPROJECT TITLE   Sktchy

MEDIUM   app for artists & muses

DISCIPLINES   illustration


Sktchy calls itself “an artist’s best friend”, a title well deserved. It is not just an app for artists, if you have always wanted to be someones inspiration and see what you look like through the eyes of an artist, it is also the app for you. What is so appealing about Sktchy is that everyone can submit artwork, so there is a very broad spectrum of talent and art styles to be found, from hyper realistic to crude and cartoony, all done with heart and showing the unique vision of their maker. The artists & muses community spirit on Sktchy is very strong, you can give each other useful feedback or just that little friendly push to keep creating. You can submit photos for others to draw and vice versa. One of course does not exclude the other, you can be both muse and artist if you want to.

I made the first portrait based on a picture of a girl with a hat that made for a perfect halo. And more followed. The halos are actually patterns that are used for lace-making. The morphing GIFs show the journey from original inspiration to a finished artwork.

I tend to drown my work in colour. I decided to take not 1, but at least 5 steps back, keep it simple and clean in black & white.

Two drawings I’ve made based on IAMX songs from the album Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction. 

A series that focuses on both the subject and one word.

Dedicated to awesome hair and my favourite garment: the corset.

After a series of normal people in corsets, I dedcided to shift my focus to something slightly different. Clowns scare the crap out of me, but looking at this and the amount of pleasure the creation gave me, I should consider keeping up this clown – only series. Inspiration for this piece was anger over double standards: a man really liked my drawings of females in corset, but found the male one to be disturbing and upsetting, so I leveled up and made another male one (the third, in the middle): “Male clown in corset, holding a phallic balloon arrangement.” 

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