They Draw And Cook

Portfolio They Draw And CookPROJECT TITLE   They Draw And Cook

MEDIUM   cookbook spreads

DISCIPLINES   graphic design / illustration

WEBSITE    They Draw And Cook

They Draw And Cook is a website initiated by a brother and sister design / illustration duo Nate Padavick and Salli S. Swindell. It features tons of illustrated recipes from illustrators from all over the world. There are certain size requirements for the design and the recipes are best written in English, but you’re free to go wild and make either simple or complicated design, whatever suits you best. The illustrated recipes I make for They Draw And Cook are pretty easy, suited for the novice cook. I might love eating and also drawing food, but I’m a terrible cook. I stick to simple recipes which I can actually prepare myself, and this simplicity also suits the designs and illustrations I make.

Beet SpreadGarlic SpreadKoolest SpreadTomatoes SpreadSmoothie SpreadCookies SpreadCarrot SpreadBrownies Spread