Wat drink jy?

Wat drink jy?


MEDIUM   wine labels & – campaign

DISCIPLINES   graphic design / illustration

These custom wine labels (Afrikaans, of course) are dripping with Z€F references to Die Antwoord, a famous South – African hip – hop duo. They were designed for a fellow fan of the band. The brand name and -identity  Sapperig Slymkonyntje where derived from the song Zars, in which Watkin Tudor Jones (also known as Ninja),  celebrates the poetry that is the Afrikaans language. Not shying away from coarse words, he boldly claims that the use of Afrikaans is a sure way to get women aroused, making their slymkonyntje sapperig, No need to fill in the blanks here… The bunny logo I made for it  is a reference to an earlier logo the band used for Rats Rule, an angry black and white rat, also with an inverted cross on its forehead. Keeping with the theme of the female flow, I named the red wine bloei kruis and the white wine skoon meisie. Bottoms up!