WIJ Rivierenbuurt

Portfolio WIJ RivierenbuurtPROJECT TITLE   WIJ Rivierenbuurt / De Komeet

MEDIUM   banners & flyers

DISCIPLINES   illustration / graphic design

WIJ Groningen is an organisation which is involved in making the city a better place to live for all its residents. WIJ Rivierenbuurt is a subdivision which specifically targets the neighbourhoods Rivierenbuurt, Zeeheldenbuurt, Badstratenbuurt, Laanhuizen, Grunobuurt, Herewegbuurt, Oosterpoortbuurt and De Meeuwen.

The lightbulb – house was a design I made for a fund named “De Komeet”, which makes it possible for residents to submit their own ideas about how to improve the living circumstances in their neighbourhood. You can think of all kinds of initiatives that might bring the people closer together, like a block – party.A4 Bi-Fold Komeet.jpg




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