Willard alternative titles

Portfolio WillardPROJECT TITLE   Willard

MEDIUM   title animation

DISCIPLINES   graphic design / illustration / animation / video

WEBSITE   Willard Title Sequence & Rotoscope Test

This is an alternative title sequence I made for the New Line Cinema motion picture Willard, the 2003 remake of the ’70s classic horror movie, starring Crispin Glover and … lots of rats. I used to have pet rats myself, so what better source to use for reference material than my own experience and video-footage. I tried to do some rotoscoping, using a short video I made once of my pet rat Saskia. She was an agile little creature, so I figured she would do nicely once translated to animation. Rotoscoping is not only fun to do, it also provides a very lively image and I found it to be the most suitable way to animate crawling rodents. In keeping with the theme of rebellious rodents, I also modified the New Line Cinema logo, adding a hungry rat nibbling at its edge.