Zeona as Ikea

Portfolio Zeona as IKEAPROJECT TITLE   Zeona as IKEA

MEDIUM   catalogue

DISCIPLINES   graphic design / illustration / 3D textile design


In this visual essay I explore how the world and power of IKEA can influence both designers and illustrators. How does it affect their practice and how do they apply it to themselves? I made myself the core – example in this case, showing how my interior (which is predominantly IKEA) and its brand are so internalised in my being, that I myself become an IKEA product. That is also how I see and explain the tremendous influence IKEA has on so many lives. The success it has all over the globe, reaching over all borders and affecting people of all cultures, is quite unique. Large groups either loathe or love it, but even the most cynical have a secret love for their ever so handy Billy bookcase. Click on the cover to read more!

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